The members of the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association are dedicated to the service of their guests. Providing an interesting, enjoyable and hopefully memorable visit to the Emerald City is our priority and our pleasure.

In order to serve the needs of our many and varied visitors, we all need to be informed and educated about the options available to them.

Because they come from many walks of life and backgrounds, their questions can be equally diverse. Our challenge is to be "experts on everything". It is also our goal to offer services to our guests that meet the high standards of quality and care that we do at our many hotels.

Keeping this in mind, we feel that the Concierge-Vendor relationship is crucial.

  • How can we know everything unless we are exposed to all that is around us?
  • How can you expose your businesses and services to the visitors that need it?

There are several ways for us to accomplish both of those tasks together.
Below are just a few suggestions of how to share your product with the membership of the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association.

  • Host a S.H.C.A. monthly business meeting.
  • Invite our members to experience your business first hand by hosting a reception or dinner.
  • Invite our members to your establishment on an individual basis with gift certificates or personal invitations.
  • Host a S.H.C.A. monthly officers board meeting.
  • Invite a select segment of the hotel Concierge membership that you feel would most benefit you, to your place of business.

These are just of few options.

We would love to know about you and your product and are open to creative opportunities to learn about anything that would benefit our guests.

Please contact our Community Relations Liaison so you can find out more about working with the S.H.C.A.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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